3 core values, 3 promises:

  • We Imagine
  • We Care
  • We Commit

We Imagine

  • Keolis is an innovative partner, creating efficient solutions and able to anticipate for the future of its clients

We are adaptable and creative, continuous improvement is our motto

We Care

  • Keolis is reliable and strives to transport its passengers safely
  • Keolis is a respectful Group, committed to integrating and encouraging its employees

We care for our employees, our customers, our city, our planet

We Commit

  • Keolis, as a responsible company, is committed to delivering its promises to PTAs and customers

We believe in a sustainable growth, and take our responsibilities and commitments seriously

“We at Keolis Hyderabad derive additional values from the 3 core values and pledge to imagine, care and commit.”

“ZERO HARM”: safety processes harmonised at all levels.

I will carry out my work without causing any harm to myself, my colleagues, the community or the environment. I will look out for my teammates andpoint out any unnecessary risks being taken.

“OWNERSHIP”: delivery to the highest standards.

I will lead by example. I will do my best to ensure we achieve the goals and targets we set.

“WORKING TOGETHER”: contributing to team’s achievement

I will work with my colleagues and ensure I involve them in my decision making. I will consult the right experts within the company. I will talk to my team mates and colleagues and share information.

“THINK LIKE A PASSENGER”: customer satisfaction is our core concern

I will put myself in the customer’s shoes. I will answer the customer politely and as if this is the first time I have been asked this question.

“VALUE FOR MONEY”: Building sustainability

I’ll raise my good ideas to my Manager. If I see that something can be done more easily or efficiently I will discuss this with my Manager. I will consider: “What are the benefits to the company?”