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Our philosophy

I. HR Philosophy

  • To attract, nurture and retain the best talent by inculcating a culture of learning, performing, developing creativity and team work.
  • To build an excellence focused, development oriented, value driven and people sensitive organisation.
  • To enrich the quality of life of employees through an effective work-life balance and develop their potential.
  • To develop employee engagement, mutual trust, co-operation and openness through empowerment, recognition and rewards.

II. Why should you join us

Keolis is committed to being a place where employees enjoy coming to work and where they can build rewarding careers. Some of the critical elements that define our work culture are global exposure, cross-domain experience, and work-life balance.

We encourage our employees to create a

  • Career development plan
  • Explore their leadership ability
  • Access a range of training and learning opportunities
  • Exceed organisation goals

III. Testimonials

“KHMRTS is a very dynamic, internationally oriented and rapidly growing organization. The people have been the highlight of my career with the company. With a globally diverse work force this means you get to relate and interact with a truly international team.”

Thanks & Regards,
Mastan Vali Shaik

It’s been an year since I have been working for KHMRTS and the experience has been absolutely awesome. KHMRTS has given me immense opportunities to learn and develop myself and I am thankful for that. The overall environment is highly conducive and challenging to propel any individual further in life. The company’s long term vision and strong values makes it a great place to work at.

Shalini Taneja
Recruitment & Career Development Officer

“There are many reasons why I am proud to work at Keolis. I have adapted to diversified professionalism by working for a company whose employees have a diverse background of cultures expertise and knowledge.”

It is the type of company I aspired to work for, spearheading technology with great people in a great environment.”

Naresh Papanagiri
Recruitment & Career Development Officer

My stepping stone into the Corporate World, KHMRTS has given me the best exposure, experience and practical education more than a fresher could expect! I truly believe that the sky is the limit within the company, and if employees can dream it, they can achieve it.

Sonam Shreya
Signaling – Team Leader

As it’ an MNC it is giving me a lot of exposure to learn new things and working cultures across the world. Considering the fact that I’m a GET, colleagues and employers are very supportive, encouraging and helping me grow as a person and professional.

Vandana Srinivas
Station Controller

Its been 6 months working with Keolis. Its a great way all around till now. All the colleauges are very helpfull and supportive. I love being a part of keolis, Looking forward to spread my work in more divisions and waiting for the operations to begin..

Srilekha Peddapalli
Train Operator