In line with Keolis Group philosophy, webelieve that a public transport operator should be firmly rooted within the community and participates in its development and well-being. As a Transport Operator, weshall be proactive in promoting solutions thatcontribute to the wellbeing of the community while limiting to the possible extent its impact on the environment. At Keolis Hyderabad Mass Rapid Transit System Private Limited, we recognize the importance of corporate social responsibility. For us this means maximizing the environmental, social and economic benefits of our operations within the local community and minimizing the possible extent of any negative impacts. In pursuance of the above beliefs, we are committed to engage ourselves and implement the following activities to fulfill our commitment towards Corporate Social Responsibility while ensuring sustainable development within the local community:

Education promotion and development of employment enhancing skills;
b. Gender equality measures;
c. Environmental conservation;
d. Health and Sanitation;
e. Preservation of heritage, art and culture;
f. Rural development projects
g. Contributions to such funds set up by the Central Government for socio-economic development;
h. Promotion of employees skills and expertise development while conveying to the public values of professionalism and service


We continually strive to reduce the environmental impact of our operations on the environment. Tackling climate change and enhancing the environment is very important to us, and we have a responsibility to operate a low-carbon network that is also resilient to any changes to the climate. Our environmental activities include:

  • Regenerative braking. Whilst we will increase passenger capacity on trains, we will beutilizing energy-saving measures such as regenerative braking on trains.
  • Greener Locations. We are continually improving the efficient use of lighting and air condition systems within our Depots, Stations and office buildings.
  • Air quality. We manage the dust levels caused through the movement of trains and their use by passengers across our network by the regular cleaning of our stations and trains.
  • Noise pollution. We try tominimizeMetro-related noise by the use of quieter trains, smoother breaking & accelerating, and reducing the noise impact of our maintenance activities.
  • Cutting down on waste. We aim to reduce the waste produced from our operations, maintenance and by passengers travelling on the overall network so as to maintain health and sanitation for our local communities.
  • Looking after the land. We know that how we look after the land is important to those living near us and we carry out work with this in mind. We will manage vegetation to ensure it doesn’t disrupt services and delay our customers and we shall ensure the preservation of heritage, art and culture.


Sustainability is central to the way we work. This means maximizing the environmental, social and economic benefits of our operations and minimizing the negative impacts. Our role is more than getting people from A to B quickly. We also want to contribute to a better quality of life for those living in Hyderabad, now and in the future.

  • Developing responsible procurement. Our responsible procurement policy promotes fair employment practices. We aim to purchase low-carbon, resource-efficient goods and services that are responsibly sourced.
  • Improving transport accessibility for all. We believe in working with local communities to make public transport more accessible. Initiatives include providing step-free access for disabled passengers.

Equality & Inclusion

We recognize the key role we play in opening up opportunities by providing access to education, promotion, employment and other essential services such as gender equality and the development of employment enhancing skills.

We are committed to better understanding our passengers’ needs and improving Metro transport in Hyderabad by ensuring it is accessible, safer and reliable. We help the people of Hyderabad stay in touch with family and friends, and allow many people to live independently.


We will actively involve disabled people with the training provided to our staff so they can offer consistently excellent service – for example, providing stations with step-free access, signage and timely audible announcements. We will focus on delivering:

  • A Metro system that is safe and reliable for all
  • With improving accessibility across the network
  • Engagement with our passengers and stakeholders from Hyderabad’s communities
  • So ensuring improvements in customer experience through the whole journey approach
  • Information provided that is as accessible as possible
  • A workforce that is a representation of Hyderabad’s communities


We will consider contributions to such funds set up by the Central Government for socio-economic development, rural development projects, and support local Schools Education programs.

Implementation and Monitoring

We shall monitor and implement our Corporate Social Responsibility activities Program through our CSR Action Team comprising of nominated company employees and chaired by our Chief Marketing & Sales Officer.

We also encourage our Employees to who are notmembers of either CSR Committee or CSR Action Team and also the family members of such Employees to participate in the CSR Programs.

  • You can download our Guide for Ethical Business Conduct at this location.
  • You can download our Konformit√© at a glance, the resume of our compliance program, at this location.
  • You can download our Protecting innovation best practices at this location.

Corporate Responsibility