Parents Association for Welfare of Mentally Handicapped Persons

Statistics show that approximately 1.47 crores of people in India are mentally disabled (1.07% of the country’s population). This number is increasing steadily, year after year. There’s a double stake regarding this public welfare matter, which is not only to take care of the intellectually impaired people, but also to prevent the birth of mentally disabled persons. Since there isn’t a unified public initiative to take care of that matter, concerned people have decided to react.

PAWMENCAP is an NGO founded by 8 parents with intellectually impaired children. They work for the recognition of their children’s disability and the sensitization of people about mental disabilities. The main goal of the association is to support parents involved with the education of a mentally disabled child and guide those children to the ultimate goal of a “near independent living”. This goes by a numerous range of activities, education and services through the PAWMENCAP special school. The association welcomes all people of all ages, without discriminating on any gender, caste or creed.

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