Designation: Operations Support Manager



  • Responsible for managing Operation Support Department (Planner, Operation’s Methods and Reporting)
  • Responsible for process definition and optimization with respect to safety rules, operational performance and cost effectiveness
  • Ensures competency and skill development of team of his department
  • Is a member of Certificate Commission

2.Technical aspects

  • Participates with the Operations Director, to the definition of the optimization policies of the division in terms of financial and operational aspects
  • Coordinates and monitors, closely with managers of other departments, the effective implementation of the optimization policy of the division
  • Monitors and advises the operation’s methods manager in the incident analysis and feedback management
  • Validates the analysis and reports issued by the departments
  • Is the special correspondent of the maintenance division for:
  • The management of the train’s fleet potential (kilometres, forecasts, deadheads…)
  • The analysis and feedbacks after failure
  • The shared processes between the operations and maintenance divisions (periodic testing, de-stabling of trains…)
  • The programming and of trial runs in and off commercial hours
  • The processes of work permits delivery on the network
  • Monitors and advises the Planner in the forecasted management of the division’s staff
  • Prepare the corresponding budgets and advises the Operation Director
  • Manage the contracts with subcontractors
  • Define, closely with the QHSE’s division and the operation director, the Key Production Indicators (KPI); ensure their Monitoring, validations and transmissions.

Experience and Skillset:

  • Should possess an experience of 8-10 years in the relevant field
  • Previous experience of managing and developing team effectively
  • Manage his team with calm and objective.
  • Able to identify priorities, make decisions, and manage resources
  • Has a track record in the management of resources and people.
  • Able to anticipate, analyze, identify, and resolve problems cost effectively
  • Capability of technical diagnosis – analysis, diagnosis and application.
  • Strong capacity to interpret data both written and numerical
  • Has the ability to plan and organize to impact on operational efficiency.
  • Strong sense of safety and security
  • Strong cooperative relationships with both internal and external actors
  • Is a high competent communicator both written and verbal


  • Should be a qualified Engineer (BE/B.Tech)
  • Management Grads preferable

Designation: OCC Chief Controller


  • Manages smooth real-time Metro operations across the network (including depots),
  • Manages all OCC/DCC staff activities,
  • Is responsible for delivery of quality service (KPIs),
  • Is responsible for observance of rules and procedures in the OCC or the field to the practical extent,
  • Is responsible, in case of serious breakdowns or incidents, to liaise with the on call duty senior manager, external authorities and public services especially fire brigade, medical and police,
  • Is responsible to order & manage detrainment and rescue operations,
  • Is responsible to coordinate the maintenance activities to be carried out on the system,
  • Coordinates with the Security manager to ensure security of OCC and other Installations,
  • Produces regular operation report for the management,
  • Produces specific incident reports and analysis, preserves clues / CCTV footage etc.,
  • Is responsible for identification of training needs for his staff and plan OJT
  • Ensure that staff working under him is up to date and conversant with the necessary rules and guidelines.
  • Is responsible for induction of extra train during extra ordinary rush
  • Check the work plan as per safety point of view & alter accordingly
  • Any other work assigned by OCC Manager



  • Able to remain calm and objective particularly during challenging incident related situations.
  • Has competent and proven analytical ability.
  • Able to operate a complex system with safety related functions
  • Is able to diagnose technical malfunctions, interpret and apply solutions from written and verbal Information.
  • Is able to manage a team of controllers under him and identify training needs proactively.
  • Is able to liaise with different departments in order achieve his objective to maintain quality service.
  • Able to anticipate and react to situations.
  • Proactive in identifying and resolving technical issues
  • Capable of giving precise, clear and concise instructions remotely.
  • Rigor in executing and applying instructions and procedures
  • Able to relay oral and written information to both direct reports and superiors
  • Has strong oral and written communication skills
  • Has good technical understanding and experience


  • Technical Diploma holder (Any engineering) at minimum or any degree with 5-8 years of relevant experience into metro / railways
  • Minimum 6-8 years of professional experience in the industrial environment (for Diploma holders).