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2nd Quarterly GOLD STAR AWARDS – Employee Engagement (5th Quarterly Town Hall Meeting) 11th May 2016

Keolis Hyderabad’s 2nd Quarterly Gold Star Awards – Employee Engagement was held on 11th May 2016 during the 5th Quarterly Town Hall meeting disseminating one of our core values ‘WE CARE’ for employees and by building a SENSE OF BELONGING.During this quarter town hall gathering, our Managing Director Mr. Andy Thomas highlighted the accomplishments of the successful CMRS inspection certification of Stage I with way forward for preparation and certification of Stage 2 and COD. Mr. Andy also congratulated the Recruitment and Training Team for Attracting and Integrating New Talent into the group.

Mr. Eric MOINIER (acting CHRO) welcomed and introduced Mr. A Sreenu Rao who will be joining Keolis Hyderabad as the new CHRO from 16th May.The 2nd Quarterly “Gold Star Awards – Employee Engagement” were awarded to each division for their excellence in all six workstreams of KeoLife, with HR Division bagging the MD’s Award for organizing Employee Engagement Activities during the quarter.

Pre-formal inspection— VIP visit from CCRS

After spending last few weeks/months on preparation for CMRS Inspection a pre-formal inspection visit from CCRS was scheduled by L & T Metro on 11th & 12th February 2016. Keolis Hyderabad teamed up with L & T Metro team to make this visit safe and successful. On the day one Sri R.K. Kardam, Chief commissioner of railway safety, Lucknow and Sri D.K. Singh, Commissioner of railway safety, Secunderabad) inspected Nagole station. They visited OCC theatre after then tree plantation was done in the Uppal depot in presence of Mr. A K Saini, Mr. A K Dwiwedi, Mr. D K Pandey and other chief officers from LTMRHL and Keolis. They went for train cab inspection at the IBL. The feedback has been very positive and L & T metro’s Railway System Head Mr A K Saini also appreciated to all those involved and contributed to ensure the success of the visit.

Helping the local Orphans— “WE CARE”

With a ‘PURPOSE’ and ‘STRATEGIC APPROACH’ in connecting with the communities to enhance the environment and quality of life of the people in line with our organizations core values. Keolis Hyderabad, has envisaged to ‘CARE’ for the community by ‘COMMITTING’ through its various CSR programs. The second activity has been rolled out as “Let the helping hand lead to a thousand smiles on the deserving” orphan children of Anaadha Vidyarthi Griha.Keolis Hyderabad’s team, Mr. Andy Thomas (MD) along with Mr. R C SHARMA (COO), Mr. Manoj Kumar THALLAPALLY (CMSO), Mr. Srinivas Duduka (CQHSEO) and with Marketing, Legal, Admin, Operations & Maintenance teams were welcomed by the students of Griha with their signature ‘FLAMENCO CLAPPING’.

Keolis Hyderabad contributed to the noble cause by supporting AVG with ‘Personal Computers’ (3 Nos.) to benefit the students for their higher education. Some other contribution are dresses to enhance quality living standard, RO water purifier for providing hygienic and safe drinking water. As Keolis Hyderabad always believes in ‘SAFETY FIRST’, this DNA helped us to support another orphanage the students of AVG with ‘Shoes’ (120 nos.), to protect the students from any kind of potential injuries while they move outside their hostel, especially when they go to their institutes. Keolis’ management team have distributed shoes to highlight the importance of safety for all students in their daily activities, as part of a ‘safety moment’ on 1st March 2016.

KHMRTS celebrated National Safety day /Week from 04th Mar 2016 to 10th Mar 2016

‘National Safety Day/Safety Week is celebrated from 04th Mar to 10th in India to mark foundation day of National Safety Council. Keolis Hyderabad too celebrated National Safety day & week during this week. It was rolled out along with active participation of all staff, contractors, stakeholder and civil agencies. Various activities, quizzes, discussions, competitions with emphasis on developing safety awareness were held with active participation of all staff. Some of the activities performed were:

Start of event by MD – KHMRTS & Head Rail Systems LTMRHL:

The Safety Week activity was inaugurated by Mr. Andy Thomas, MD Keolis Hyderabad along with Mr. Anil Kumar Saini, Head Railway Systems, L&T Metro in an Indian traditional way of lighting candle.

Pinning of Safety Badges:

Badges were printed and pinned to all employees over Hyderabad Metro Rail as a token and mark of participation in National Safety Day & week long celebrations.

Safety Pledge:

All employees at Keolis Hyderabad took the Safety Pledge.

Road Safety Car-Bike Safety Campaign:

Safety Stickers were pasted over all two wheeler and four wheelers within Hyderabad Metro.

PPEs event by Vendor:

Participation of Vendor and contractors equally put the momentum in full gear during the Safety Week with exhibition of the Safety tools and equipments. OTIS bagged the first vendor participation award for active participation.

Safety Quiz Competition:

Eight (8) Teams from different divisions participated in a Quiz Competition involving more than 50 q’s mostly related to Metro Railway Safety Programs, documentations, policies and general awareness within the group asked.Train Operation Team and Signaling Maintenance teams won first and second awards.

Painting Competition:

Employee’s creativity was an interesting factor in their behavior towards safety, wherein most of the paintings expressed safe or unsafe behavior of people and the risks involved. 10 Number of paintings were displayed and judged by MD with team of CXOs as well as client side and all appreciated the wonderful creativity of people towards Safety.Marketing Team won the first creativity Painting by the panel of Judges.

Pick & Speak Contest on given Safety Subjects:

Employees were given subjects on which they were asked to speak to a panel of judges which consisted of Managers, CXOs and Nominees from client side. Subjects given were: (i) What is your contribution towards Safety (ii) how do you implement safety at your workplace (iii) how do you ensure Safety outside workplace & (iv) How do you motivate others on Safety. Eighteen (18) Participants speaker spoke for 3-5 minutes each and best speakers were selected by panel of judges on closing day

6S: Methodology of Continuous Improvement:

All staff were informed of 6S methodology to clean their workplace, free from clutter make it Safe ad look better.

International Women Day:

Keolis Hyderabad Woman-Power is always into the mainstream operations and on the day of International Women day, we have emphasized to sensitize and strengthen safety within teams. Mr. Eric Moinier (CHRO) appreciated the women work force at Keolis Hyderabad their safe contributions.

Team Talk

TEAM TALK’ session is an Employee Engagement initiative instantiated by Mr. Andrew THOMAS, Managing Director of Keolis Hyderabad in November 2015. The main purpose of TEAM TALK is to create an environment that values and supports Employee Engagement.On 19th January 2016 the second TEAM TALK session was held where Mr. Eric MOINIER (CHRO, Keolis Hyderabad) welcomed Mr. Bernard TABARY, International CEO of Keolis Group and Mr. Andrew THOMAS (Managing Director, Keolis Hyderabad) as the guests of honour along with the employees.

This TEAM TALK session was themed as ‘INNOVATION GOLD STAR AWARDS 2015’ which aimed at recognising and honouring innovation and excellence in the development of new idea or services through team work.As a standard protocol during any gathering, the TEAM TALK kick started with a ‘SAFETY MOMENT’ by our Chief QHSE Officer, Mr. Srinivas DUDUKA, followed by an opening address by Mr. Andrew THOMAS. We were delighted to have Mr. Bernard TABARY present the ‘CXO INNOVATION GOLD STAR AWARDS 2015’ for each of the six divisions based on the strategic priorities of Keolis Hyderabad. The highlight of this awards ceremony was the ‘MD’S AWARD FOR THE BEST INNOVATION OF 2015’ which was bagged by the Operations Division’s team for their innovative excellence in creation of ‘VIDEO ON SOPS’. The session was closed by felicitation of our Chairman Mr. Bernard TABARY by our employees and the management team.

Republic Day

Keolis Hyderabad, carried the spirit of ‘WORKING TOGETHER’ with its partner L&T Metro on 26th January at Uppal Depot for celebrating India’s 67th Republic Day. This day is India’s greatest national celebration and it was a moment of Pride for each one of us at Keolis Hyderabad.L&T Metro along with Keolis Hyderabad and other partners of Hyderabad Metro Rail celebrated at Uppal Depot. Our Managing Director, Mr. Andrew THOMAS was as the guest on this day. Celebrations kick started with flag hoisting by Mr. V B GADGIL, CEO & MD of L&T Metro followed by Mr. THOMAS’ addressing the gathering.

We at Hyderabad, saluted our National Flag and pledged to uphold the honor, integrity and uniqueness in every field especially more focused on security and safety, not only for Hyderabad, but also for our workplace. Thereafter there was a spectacular parade by the Security Staff of Hyderabad Metro Rail. The celebrations also witnessed cultural events and sports competitions for families and staff members. These moments showcased not only our priorities and behaviors towards our customers and stakeholders, but also our core values – ‘WE IMAGE, WE CARE, WE COMMIT’. The team Keolis Hyderabad takes complete pride in working together in a collaborative environment, giving utmost priority to ‘SAFETY’ and working towards ‘EXCELLENCE’ for Hyderabad Metro Rail.

Aman Vedika(Rainbow Home – An orphanage for street children )

Social Responsibility has always been one of the six workstreams that builds our corporate programme ‘KeoLife’. Aligning with the Konformite Guidelines, Keolis Hyderabad on February 1, 2016 has identified its first Project under KeoLife ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ to serve 50 orphan girl children at Aman Vedika (one of the initiatives of Rainbow Home, an NGO which provides shelter, food, education and clothing in a functional school building for vulnerable urban children living on the streets who are at risk of sexual and physical abuse).

Mr. Eric MOINIER (Chief HR Officer) along with Mr. Manoj Kumar THALLAPALLY (Chief Marketing & Sales Officer), Mr. M S DABRAL (Training Manager), Marketing team, Admin team along with the guests of honour, THE MOINIER FAMILY, were welcomed by the children by singing their signature Welcome song and dance as part of introduction to Aman Vedika. SAFETY MOMENT was introduced to the children by Ms. Ambika AV, the State Convener for Aman Vedika, along with a brief on the NGO and its activities. Mr. Manoj THALLPALLY briefed the children on Keolis Hyderabad, its core values, vision, mission and the CSR activity undertaken. Mr. Eric MOINIER expressed his happiness for being part of this noble cause and for spending his time with the children, understand their needs and support them in all ways possible by donating shoes, clothing, desktops and water purifier to Aman Vedika.Goodie refreshments were given to all the children as a gesture of small retreat for being the host of the evening. Children personally handmade the greeting cards for the ‘KeoLife Team’ was the best part of the whole activity.

Sankranthi Festival Celebrations

On the eve of Sankranthi festival, Keolis Hyderabad had organised an event on January 14, 2016. Keolis Hyderabad conducted competitions like Rangoli, Kite Making for teams and Ethnic wear for couples representing any of the Indian State’s traditional wear. Employees of Keolis Hyderabad with full enthusiasm participated and exhibited their creative ideas. It is a fantastic informal gathering which helped to explore the submerged talent of each employee, encouraged team spirit and understand each team member’s strength to accomplish any task with the best outcome.

Poster Competition

The Poster painting competition was conducted by L&T Metro on the theme “Work Life Balance” in the month of October 2015 for the employees of L&T Metro and Keolis Hyderabad. The employees of Keolis Hyderabad, Ms. Indira, EFO and Mr. Naresh, GET Quality have won the 1st Prize in the competition. They were felicitated during the Town Hall Meeting of L&T Metro held on December 31, 2015. Keolis Hyderabad congratulates the winners and wish to encourage and celebrate such success stories much more in the future.

VVIP visit on Stage 1 – Mettuguda & Uppal stations on Blue Line

A very high profile VVIP visit was conducted on December 18, 2015 between Mettuguda station and Uppal station on stage 1 (Blue Line). The high profile team from the Government of Telangana led by Dy. Chief Minister along with other important Ministers in the presence of top management from L&T Metro, Mr. VB Gadgil, CMD, Mr. A K Saini, Head-Railways, Mr. J L Arora, Head- Rolling Stock including Mr. NVS Reddy, Managing Director of Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited. Mrs. Leila Frances, International Commercial Officer, Keolis Group along with Mr. Andrew Thomas, MD, Keolis Hyderabad with his Executive team were also present during the visit. Keolis Hyderabad O&M teams had managed the entire visit very efficiently ensuring Zero incident throughout the visit. All the visitors were very satisfied with the efficient management of the visit by Keolis Hyderabad teams.

Free Health check-up camp

At Keolis Hyderabad, we believe that the health of our staff is one of the top priority. To promote good health and bring awareness among the staff of Keolis Hyderabad & contractors about work place health and lifestyle related diseases, Keolis Hyderabad had organized a Free Health Check-up Camp in collaboration with Yashoda Hospitals Hyderabad on December 17, 2015. The camp was inaugurated by the senior management members of both Keolis Hyderabad and L&T Metro.Mrs. Leila Frances, International Commercial Officer, Keolis Group also took part in the camp to encourage the employees and to make it a grand success. This camp was organised with presence of doctors specialized from different faculty of Yashoda hospitals for consultation and other medical tests/ check-up like ECG, 2D ECHO, etc., which were carried out in mobile van. In all, 251 employees availed this opportunity.

Handing over of the first 8 trains at Miyapur depot

It is fantastic as 8 trains (3 car train set) have been handed over to Keolis Hyderabad team at the second depot located on the Red Line at Miyapur on December 15, 2015. The 8 trains were received from Rotem Hyundai by Keolis Hyderabad team in presence of Ms. Leila Francis, Chief Commercial Officer – Keolis International, Mr. Andrew Thomas, Managing Director – Keolis Hyderabad, along with Mr. Laurent Castle, Chief Technical Officer and his team. These trains will be put on regular maintenance and later for trail runs between Miyapur and SR Nagar on the Red Line. Keolis Hyderabad has 15 nos of 3 car train-sets (7 nos at Uppal depot & 8 nos. at Miyapur depot) in its custody out of the total 48 (27 nos. at Uppal & 21nos. at Miyapur) train sets which have arrived at Hyderabad.

Town Hall Meeting

The fifth Town Hall Meeting was conducted on December 18, 2015 for the employees of Keolis Hyderabad which was led by Ms. Leila Francis, Chief Commercial Officer – Keolis International along with Mr. Andrew Thomas, Managing Director – Keolis Hyderabad and the senior management from L&T metro. All the employees participated in this formal meeting which takes place once in a quarter. The progress of recent quarter is shared along with the road map for the next quarter followed by a Question & Answer session enabling the staff to interact with the senior management. The Town hall winded up with a High Tea session ensuring greater interaction amongst the staff.

An Experiential Tour by School Students – November & December 2015

An Experiential tour was conducted in the month of November and December 2015 for the High School students with their parents and school staff of the schools located in and around the stage 1 (Nagole to Mettuguda). The visit was initiated with an intention of familiarizing the station and an amenities available on-board. We had 19 schools with 3400 plus School students including their parents and school staff. The school students including their parents and school staff were excited in visiting and experiencing the station and an amenities on-board. The students have raised many doubts and got it clarified by our staff on-board.

We Care

One minute of silence was observed on 16th November at 16h30 (12h00 Paris time) in remembrance of the victims of murderous assaults that tragically took the lives of innocent people in Paris. Few of our colleagues were mourning their loved ones who were the victims of this dreadful incident. This tribute calls us to be united, and to demonstrate our strong resolve against such inhumanity highlighting on the need to remain united and in harmony with our communities, wherever we are across the globe.

First Train Run on Stage 2 – 22nd October, 2015

On October 22nd, 2015, the first formal train had ran on Stage 2 – “Miyapur to SR. Nagar” which is 11.5 kms with 10 Stations with a 3 car train set. The official run was commenced on the day of Dussehra, one of the most important Hindu festivals celebrated in India. This day is considered auspicious to initiate new ventures in business, new business trips, purchase of assets etc., This was the first time the train ran a full stretch creating the buzz and excitement on the most important and very high ridership corridor. This stage considered to be very high ridership corridor with buzzing commercial activity and large percentage of population residing (almost 30%)

VIP Visit to Our System—18th October, 2015

On October 18, 2015. Staff of L&T ECC division with their families visited Nagole Station and enjoyed the train ride. Registered 1379 foot prints on the day in the Nagole station. This was a good opportunity for us to experience and explore the real time scenario which builds the confidences among all to handle the passengers in future.

International White Cane Safety Day Walk

As a part of our Philosophy and Core Values – We imagine, We Care and We Commit, Keolis Hyderabad have participated in an event – International White Cane Safety Day Walk on 15th Oct, 2015 which was organized by FED – “Friendly Environment For The Disabled”. The Marketing team of Keolis Hyderabad along with the MD Mr. Andrew Thomas took part in this important event. All the participants took a walk for ½ km blind folded from Nizam College to LB Stadium. As a part of Social responsibility, Keolis Hyderabad have donated 5 wheel chairs and 120 blind sticks to the needy citizens.

This forum gave us a good platform in exhibiting and demonstrating our principle “Think like a Passenger” and it was well received by all the potential passengers. Prior to this event, we invited differently abled people to our stations and took their feedback about the facilities specially made available to them like tactile floor, washrooms etc., and incorporated all the suggestions ensuring a seamless journey for the differently abled citizens.

World Environment Day & Hi-Tea

World Environment Day was celebrated at KHMRTS on 5th June, 2015 to raise employee awareness to protect Mother Nature and planet Earth. We @ Keolis Hyderabad providing the citizen with ecofriendly and modern safe transport. On this day various activities like staff Bicycles, Tree plantation, and IDEA/Caption contest were rolled out. Everyone actively participated thereby creating, inspiring and encouraging environment at KHMRTS. The both occasions were graced by the presence of Mr. Tabary, Mr. Gadgil, Mr. Ganguly, Mr. A.K. Saini and host of other senior staff members from both LTMRHL and KHMRTS.

Keolife Week(15th-19th June 2015)

It began on 15th June, 2015 with our MD, Emmanuel Kuhn’s message. During the Keolife Week, all the Employees actively participated by way of uploading Photos and Videos related to their activities on to a dedicated platform: www.keolife.keolis.com. which was created for instant sharing globally. Congrats to Best Contributors for Tool Box Talk, Safety Champion, and Kaizen/Quality Circles. KHMRTS conducted and participated in the global Keolife week ensuring our process are efficiently followed by all employees through work stream and projects. Keolife week at Hyderabad is accomplished through 6 Main Work Streams i.e. Customer Satisfaction, Partnering with Public Transport Authorities, Employee engagement, Social Responsibility, Operational Excellence, and Economic Performance. Events were conducted with respective Work Streams. KHMRTS was top global contributor

Station Visit – Visually impaired

“Think like a visually impaired passenger” is a philosophy of KHMRTS. We have taken initiative and invited visually impaired passengers at Nagole station and enabled them to experience the access to the station (street, concourse & platform levels) and also share their experience with us. Based on their valuable feedback and various recommendations we are working towards providing an efficient access facility in coordination with LTMRHL.

Station Visit – Differently abled

KHMRTS is committed to provide hassle free services to Persons with disabilities and to improve further the accessibility of our stations & trains to Persons with disabilities. Adding to this we always “Think like a passenger” in all our works at KHMRTS. Hence, we have taken initiative and invited few selected Differently Abled passengers at Nagole station and enabled them to experience the access to the station (street, concourse & platform levels) and also share their experience with us. Based on their valuable feedback and various recommendations we are working towards providing an efficient access facility in coordination with LTMRHL.


The Logical Indian Community pays tribute to Late Dr. Kalam with a heavy heart. Though he was known by many tags –‘People’s president’, ‘Missile Man’, ‘The man behind Vision 2020’; He went from distributing newspapers after school during childhood to become the President of our country. He was awarded Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan and Bharat Ratna – the highest civilian honour. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam made every day of his life count for all it’s worth, till very last breath he took yesterday. He will not only be remembered for the immeasurably remarkable achievements and marks he left behind, but surely as a Great Human, for his determined character, for his love, for his patriotism, for he could ignite our minds.

Fire Drill

Fire Services Week (April 14 to 20) was celebrated in KHMRTS as an initiative by our Safety department. On this occasion KHMRTS has invited the Fire Services Department of Telangana to conduct a live demonstration inside Uppal Depot on 20 April 2015. During this demonstration the Fire Services Department highlighted the usage of their equipment; provided information about the importance of preventing fire incidents and explain role of Fire Services Department as external agency in Metro Rail O&M.

KHMRTS staff witnessed various rescue methods demonstrated by the Fire Services staff. Fire man’s lift, arms carry, saddleback carry, two hand seat carry, support carry and four hand seat carry were methods demonstrated as part of demonstration on Transportation of Casualties. As part of hands on training a mock fire was set up by the State Fire Department staff. Emmanuel Kuhn, M.D. provided a brief note on the world class fire protection system installed at Uppal Depot and Stations. The event lasted for 2 hours and had benefitted around 350 KHMRTS staff.

National Safety Day

National Safety Day (NSD) Campaign – i.e. 4th March’15 spearhead by the National Safety Council for commemorating its foundation day. The Campaign is a national level event introduced within KHMRTS by our safety team .The ultimate objective is to ensure integration of OSH in employees work culture and life style. Work place safety is paramount to us and is also a National priority. While giving top priority to work place safety and health on this day of 4th March’15 we have proudly demonstrated our commitment to work place safety and health .


Is a campaign started by the Maintenance Division, covering SBL area on 27th March 2015. This campaign aims at maintenance of a clean environment. The objective was to bring about behavioral change and awareness among employees of waste disposal in the office campus.